Magical Adventure Balloon Rides is happy to announce our goal to be the first carbon negative hot air balloon ride company. Hot air balloons use propane as the heat source. Propane is a fossil fuel composed of both natural gas and petroleum. This creates a carbon footprint impacting our environment with each balloon flight. Hot air balloon equipment also has a limited lifespan. The materials can be broken down and recycled at significant effort and cost. We care about climate change and want to make hot air ballooning a sustainable and romantic adventure for future generations. Our customers may now offset their balloon flight carbon footprint through our partnership with Trees for the Future,


By adding a $15 donation at checkout, Trees for the Future will plant over 50 trees and food forests in degraded agricultural lands.The trees planted will neutralize the CO2 produced from a 4 person balloon ride within a year. The plantings will continue to produce oxygen, providing dividends long past mitigating the balloon ride, reducing global warming. A portion of each donation will go toward the complete recycling of balloon materials after the hot air balloon is retired.

Stay tuned for more information as Magical Adventure Balloon Rides continues our carbon negative initiative now and into the future.