We work regularly with the film industry all across the globe. Our portfolio includes magazine layouts for Volkswagen, Boot Barn and Moet Chandon; commercials for Hertz and Honda; countless reality TV programs, music videos and corporate media presentations. We were profiled in an award nominated documentary called “Add Heat”. We’ve been featured on popular TV shows including Ellen DeGenerous and Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels; completed complex international film projects for Fuji Television and others. We provide stunt pilots for both union and nonunion projects. Our staff will help design, construct and operate aircraft and aerial special effects as needed by the production. Our expert pilots are the go to source for on camera interviews. You’ve likely seen our pilots on Good Morning America, Inside Edition and multiple news outlets.


Balloon advertising is widely considered the lowest cost per thousand impressions in comparison to newspaper, outdoor, radio and TV media. Achieve FREE media coverage by working with local newspapers, partnership marketing, traffic helicopters and more to capitalize on the adventure and excitement, featuring your company or message.


Adding an advertising banner on one of our existing balloon envelopes or baskets is a low-cost alternative to a corporate balloon program. A large banner is perfect for local companies wanting to increase exposure on a small budget. People will remember your logo and associate it with the excitement they experienced upon encountering our hot air balloon. This mobile billboard can create thousands of impressions per flight! Private individuals and professional photographers will stop what they are doing just to take pictures of hot air balloons passing by. They post their balloon pictures online resulting in free brand exposure via social media.


  • Drive time traffic flights during the morning and evening commute times.

  • Tethered static displays on location or at high traffic areas.

  • Tethered glows after dusk, illuminating your logo brightly and creating visibility for miles.

  • Private rides for VIPs.

  • Grand opening and other special promotion packages.

  • Demonstrations at schools, hospitals, churches and community events.

  • Exposure at balloon festivals, concerts, and sporting events.


Do you remember the billboard you drove by this morning? Probably not. Your logo or banner on a hot air balloon, however, will make an unforgettable impact. Balloons stand approximately 75-85 feet tall, dwarfing conventional billboards. A corporate balloon can achieve 100,000-200,000 memorable impressions per flight in a metropolitan area during rush hour. Corporate balloons are also great attractions at community festivals, sporting events, concerts, or along a major roadway during drive-time traffic flows. Ballooning is associated with fun, adventure, romance. All these positive emotions get linked to your brand by hot air balloon advertising.

Our staff has managed corporate hot air balloon programs since the 1990’s and has the experience to maximize exposure and provide a positive corporate image. We offer full-service corporate advertising programs, tailored to maximize exposure for your brand.


With over 14 balloons in our fleet and the largest pilot staff in southern California, we are the right choice for group charters. We work with several tour groups and destination marketing companies. We fly large numbers of passengers efficiently without losing the romance and adventure associated with hot air ballooning. Groups in multiple balloons are flown in flight formation. This allows passengers from one balloon to take pictures of their friends, family or co-workers in another. Our largest balloon holds up to 24 passengers and our fleet capacity nears 100 before we must contract with other vendors. Please call for a customized quote based on your guest count, location and ground transportation needs.


Honda Hot Air Balloon Commercial

After several visits from Ellen and associates, we were featured on national television. Oh how I love those blue, blue eyes and infectious smile! You should come fly with us too!

Our balloons tethering for this commercial.

The romance of commercial hot air ballooning as told by pilots who love what they do. - courtesy of the pilot staff at Magical Adventure Balloon Rides & Aerial Tours

Our pilot was one of only 3 pilots in the world that has been able to fly over the protected Nasca Lines in Peru. Watch the event for Japanese TV from Fuji Television. The show is the famous 100 sights in the world.